Benjamin, Mélodie

October 8, 2009
“The EU provides the possibility of change. But it can be a wasteful organisation.”


Jung-ui & Mia

October 8, 2009
”I’m happy about the environmental laws – Europe can combat climate change, but not alone. I’m less happy about the true integration of immigrant communities,  for example, in Belgium there are many communities it seems to me, that are not truly integrated into society.’



October 8, 2009
“With scale comes opportunity. I think given the cross diversification of so many political cultures, there’s a lot of scope to do a lot of good. My positive criticism – there’s a real need to tap into civic energies, there’s an undiscovered potential, that they really haven’t figured out yet. They’re doing some good work, but if they could take a couple of extra steps…”


Claire & Vincent

October 8, 2009
‘I like the fact that when one travels, you can take the same money, without a passport, just an identity card. There’s nothing I hate but I’m a little worried about the reduction in individual countries’ freedom, in their national identities, lost in communal policies.’



October 8, 2009
“Europe? Solidarity!”

Laila & Roberto

October 7, 2009
‘The Union of states is the future – we hope it’s possible. Negative thoughts about this? None.’



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